In brief, "irregularity" should be understood as any non-respect of a provision of the Community, but also of the national legislation within the framework of the programmes and projects funded by the European Union.

Within this framework, any person may report for irregularities, connected with the implementation of projects and programs funded by the European Union.

Where filling in the form mentioned below, please note the followings:

•  Alerts on irregularities can be made anonymously.

•  Alerts on irregularity must content minimum following information: Relevant Project and Detailed Description of the Irregularity.

•  Alerts on irregularities must be related to the implementation of projects financing under the "Regional Competitiveness Operational Programme and Competitiveness" and "Innovation Operational Programme in which Directorate of EU Financial Programmes" of Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology is acting as the Operating Structure.

•  If any document will be presented while alerting the irregularity, related content must be passed via  

•  When your alert met aforementioned conditions, Irregularity Officer will carefully consider it and in case its authenticity is confirmed, they will take all necessary measures and will launch the procedure for establishing, registered and reporting of the irregularity.

For online appraisal please fill the form provided below.