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We support tourism sector to boost regional competitiveness in areas with high potential.

Development of Winter Tourism Corridor in Erzurum, Erzincan and Kars

Winter Tourism Corridor in Erzurum, Erzincan and Kars Project foresees a well-organized infrastructure focused on regional tourism sector with a robust network and necessary institutional arrangements. Primarily the Project improve the physical infrastructure of the three centres and also include superstructure constructions. Capacity is developed for destination management and promotion of Winter Corridor.

"Destination Management Centres" are established under the Project. These centres inform both tourists and tour operators and travel agencies on the tourism routes and options in the region. Moreover, the centres are structured so as to provide public relations and consultancy services for investors and entrepreneurs on winter tourism concept and possibilities. This way, investment opportunities for winter tourism are increased, and the region is kept in the limelight.

The project which is also supported by the Governorates, Municipalities, Development Agencies, infrastructure associations, civil society organisations and the relevant professional bodies, has an objective of developing winter tourism, carrying out marketing, publicity, branding and promotion activities, and increasing the number of tourists. This way job opportunities are created in the three provinces, competitiveness has enhanced and economic development has improved.

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Sustainable Tourism Project in Mardin

Diversifying tourism in Mardin, a city already competitive in cultural and religious tourism, paved the way to creating a brand concept for the city and positioning Mardin in the tourism sector through this brand and accompanying visual and textual designs.

As part of the project a series of trainings were delivered to tourism SMEs, particularly in the areas of food production and service capacities. With these trainings to staff of restaurants, hotels, tour operators, tour guides and tourism information officials, the quality of services were improved.

The project also aimed to strengthen tourism infrastructure by renovating the facades of the buildings located on the protected area of First Street and standardizing the signs, shutters and awnings systems.

The Governorship of Mardin working toward an application to class Mardin on the UNESCO's World Heritage list. The Sustainable Tourism Project was one step toward reaching this objective.

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Revitalization of the Tourism Sector in Siirt Project

Sufis visiting Tillo in the past used to take their shoes off at the city centre as a way of showing their respect to saints living in there. The Sufi Path starts at the tombs of Fakirullah and İbrahim Hakkı His Nibs and ends at Kaletül-Üstad Hill. The project includes the following:

Construction and refurbishment of the facility in which tourists visiting Tillo can stay;

Installing lighting suitable for the atmosphere and landscape of the city;

Restoration of certain streets and squares, reparation of the walls surrounding the area where tombs and graves are located;

Construction of a park at Kaletül-Üstad; Installation of informative plates and signboards;

Increasing Tillo's level of recognition through promotion activities using the theme "Sufi Way Stretching from West to East ", organising events on the equinoxes and arranging supportive activities.

One of the main outcomes of the project is the new route of the Sufi Path. On the other hand, thousands of years of history of Tillo is rewritten with a holistic approach, pointing out the other significant historical and cultural assets of the city thanks to the Revival of Tourism in Siirt Project supported by the Competitive Sectors Programme.

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Improvement of Winter Tourism Infrastructure in Yalnızçam, Ardahan Project

Ardahan's geography, nature and long-lasting winter season constitute ideal conditions for winter tourism and provide a significant socio-economic development opportunity.

Longer ski season compared to other ski resorts in the country, snow depth and quality, and suitable conditions for alpine skiing which is a quite rare feature makes Yalnızçam an attraction for many skiers.

The project, aims to establish a mechanical infrastructure (gondola lift), promote the resort and integrate the local SMEs in the development of the winter sports tourism centre. In line with the marketing strategy travel guides, website and promotional brochures are prepared.

The Governorate of Ardahan is supported to build business relations with the hotels in Erzurum and Kars, and in particular with the tour operators specialised in winter tourism to organise daily tours to Yalnızçam. Business opportunities are described to local SMEs in the tourism sector, tourism SME development strategy is prepared, and awareness raising activities and trainings are organized for local SMEs.

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Revitalization of History in Şanlıurfa

The Project aims primarily at structuring a management model for sustainable tourism for which public and private sectors work together and developing and implementing a settlement master plan. The historic sites, streets and buildings of the city are renovated through the Revitalisation of History in Şanlıurfa Project. Existing buildings are functionalized through environmental planning. The project involves the protection of Göbeklitepe's archaeological sites to be included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List and also includes the excavation site to be covered with a coat and a site management plan to be developed.

Through the project it is expected to implement an effective destination management model and management structure increasing the number of tourists visiting the city. Intensive promotional and informative activities are carried out in addition to developing a platform for all tourism projects, designing walking routes for tourists, facilitating access to touristic centres and museums, branding and marketing activities. The first steps of organising an international archaeology conference and an annual festival are taken with this project. Şanlıurfa is becoming an attractive destination for all to visit throughout 12 months contentedly.

Human resources capacity in the tourism sector is developed with various training to enhance the service quality of the industry.

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Kars City with Its Own Historical Identity

With this project it is aimed to protect the rich historical cultural texture and to convey this rich heritage to future generations via various improvement of infrastructure in Kars city center and Ani ruins and promotion activities.

As well as renovation of facades of buildings and landscape planning for the historical streets of Kars, training and consulting services and promotion activities to reveal cultural assets and natural beauties are in the scope of this Project. All these activities are aimed at creating a better destination for tourists and establishing a sustainable tourism environment.

In Ani ruins, which is one of the major tourist spots in the city of Kars, pathways, lighting and landscaping will done and sign boards and seating arrangements for visitors will be set up, in line with the master plan for the protection of Ani Ören Site.

In addition, training and consultancy services will be conducted to increase the capacities of the tourism enterprises, non-governmental organizations and related stakeholders in the city and promotion and marketing activities will be carried out to promote Kars as a brand city in tourism sector both in Turkey and throughout the world.

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Revitalisation of the Tourism Sector in Adıyaman

Despite Nemrut Mountain National Park is known worldwide, it cannot contribute enough to tourism revenues of Adıyaman province. It is targeted to increase the  duration of overnight stay and to bring new tourism destinations to Adıyaman with the project developed for maximizing the tourism potential of Adıyaman  province.

Within this scope, in Nemrut-based tourist destinations physical infrastructure will be improved, landscaping activities will be carried out, and an exhibition and  demonstration center will be established.

In order to increase the competitive advantage of the tourism industry in Adıyaman, national and international promotion activities as well as various capacity-  building activities to maintain the institutionalization and continuity of all other stakeholders will be realized within the scope of the Project. It is aimed to increase the service quality in the region thanks to these activities carried out for all parties such as SMEs and travel agencies, tour operators, hotel administrations and related public organizations operating in the tourism sector.  As a result significant changes and developments in tourism field are expected in Adıyaman as well as an increased added value created via tourism.

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