The funded projects are designed in line with the economic, social and developmental priorities of the regions and considered to support a significant progress in the competitiveness map of Turkey. In total 44 projects have been supported in the first period of the Programme, and as well as design and development processes, implementation and monitoring are carried out by our Ministry.

Competitive Sectors Programme First Phase Projects
In the first period of our Programme, an investment support of approximately 565 Million Euro was provided to a total of 44 projects in 43 provinces of Turkey. These projects, preparation and planning of which were completed in the previous years, are aimed to be finalized and introduced to the regions' economies by the end of 2017.

Supported Projects:

R&D and Innovation Projects

Access to Financial Instruments Projects

Business Development Centre Projects

Licenced Warehouse Projects

Capacity Building Projects

Clustering Projects

Projects for Common Use Facility and Production Plant

Logistic Centre Projects

Tourism Projects


Competitive Sectors Programme Second Phase Projects

The funded project list of the second phase is published. The list will be updated in case of the acceptanceof new projects..