Business Development Centre (İŞGEM) Project

We support the spread of Business Development Centres to help more entrepreneurs with their start-up processes.


A business development centre (İŞGEM) is a business support model that will assist and compel new entrepreneurs to start a business, minimising the risks they possibly face at start up by offering affordable job sites, shared coaching, consultancy and administrative services.


Establishment of 3 Business Incubators Projects

In order to ensure regional development, İŞGEM projects are realized in 10 provinces within the framework of the Competitive Sectors Programme, and in Kastamonu, Malatya and Tokat 3 of them were established. Through these new İŞGEMs, it is aimed to increase employment and raise awareness about entrepreneurship within the region.

Equipped with workspaces and training/seminar, computer and meeting rooms, İŞGEMs met their local users at the second stage of the project. Capacities of all three centres were strengthened, and trainings were provided for entrepreneurs under the project. Moreover, business plans and programmes were drafted for these centres. In each centre, nearly 40 positions were generated and until the end of the project, incubators achieved an occupancy rate of 50%. Other project outcomes are:

30 people in Malatya, 20 people in Tokat and 15 people in Kastamonu, either from the region or other provinces were trained as trainers and consultants, and started to provide business development and consultancy services.

Entrepreneurship training was provided to 170 individuals in Malatya, 120 in Tokat and 100 in Kastamonu.

At least 10% of the entrepreneurship-training attendants are expected to start their own businesses within a year.

15 business owners in all three provinces were supported; at least 13 of them started new business.

Numerous activities were carried out to raise awareness.

Moreover, a network was established among İŞGEMs in Turkey, under the Project. With the network, important steps were taken: National İŞGEM Association, which started its activities in 2008 was strengthened and improved, its capacity was enhanced, national and international conferences were organized. Entrepreneurship mechanisms were supported, and contribution was provided for encouraging strong cooperation among the new and previously established business centres.

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Expansion of Van Enterprise Development Centre Project

The Expansion of the Van Enterprise Development Centre Project, primarily focused on ameliorating the work environment in Van industries and improving industrial infrastructure. The project partners aim to execute a sustainable project that is not just limited to infrastructural work. They will also provide training and consultancy and contribute to building professional and productive businesses run by educated entrepreneurs and employees.

Van İŞGEM provides the physical conditions and the technical assistance that entrepreneurs need with an aim to establish a role model for other business development centres with its operations and services.

Van İŞGEM helps new initiatives and start-ups to build capacities on R&D, exporting, sales and marketing, business management, finance and e-trade, leading to improved competitiveness and greater chance to enter into new markets.

With the Project physical capacity of Van İŞGEM is enhanced by additional buildings constructed within the existing premises, and necessary equipment is supplied. Furthermore, the project helps entrepreneurs prepare work plans, carry out market analysis, determine strategies and acquire consultancy services.

Entrepreneurs and SMEs located in Van, Muş, Bitlis and Hakkari also receive support from the Centre, while training for existing businesses to professionalize and increase their competitiveness are delivered.

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+90 432 217 31 91

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Osmaniye Enterprise Development Centre Project

With the financial support of the Competitive Sectors Programme, an İŞGEM with 38 office space is built in Osmaniye to improve entrepreneurship infrastructure of Osmaniye, support entrepreneurs with new businesses and enhance regional competitiveness. This shared facility, which will provide workspace for entrepreneurs from Osmaniye and neighbouring cities, also includes a computer centre, customer meeting room, exhibition hall and multi-purpose conference hall.

Besides the construction of the shared facility with office spaces, the Project also grounds a series of capacity building activities for starters. Business plans and handbooks for entrepreneurs are prepared to ensure the sustainability of İŞGEM. 5% of the tenants, who will be selected through a fair and transparent process in line with these business plans and handbooks, are expected to be female and young entrepreneurs. While improving the business plans of tenants with the training, mentoring and consultancy programmes, it is also aimed to enhance entrepreneurs' capacity through seminars to be held in Osmaniye, Hatay and Kahramanmaraş on business development centres (incubators), entrepreneurship and SME supports.

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+90 328 802 00 97

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Sorgun Enterprise Development Centre Project

A shared facility consisting of 34 workshops in different sizes is established in Sorgun with an aim to support entrepreneurs and start-ups. It is foreseen that entrepreneurs in textile and clothing, furniture, food, chemical and metal industries will benefit from the project.

This shared facility will help eliminate the start-up problems for new initiatives. İŞGEM business plans and handbooks are prepared for a robust institutional infrastructure. Personnel of the Centre are supported with professional development programmes and capacity building services based on the training analysis conducted.

Business plans are outlined, and business development service is offered to İŞGEM's occupants. Entrepreneurs are informed on business development centres (incubators), entrepreneurship and SME support in the seminars held in Sorgun and Yozgat. Involvement of women, young and disabled entrepreneurs are encouraged to take a place in İŞGEM.

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+90 354 415 12 36 / +90 354 415 11 45

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Elazığ Enterprise Development Centre's Industrial Infrastructure Project

Under the project, a shared facility consisting of 35 workshops is being established in Elazığ. The new facility, built in an area different from the first İŞGEM, focus more on the food sector – processing, packaging and standardisation of fresh agricultural products and livestock. In addition to the administration facility, there are shared meeting rooms for enterprises, an exhibition hall, ICT facilities, a multi-purpose conference hall and a cold storage within the new İŞGEM premises.

The Project not only raises the institutional capacity of Elazığ İŞGEM but also organises various activities to strengthen technical skills and capacities of the existing and new tenants. As in other similar İŞGEM projects under the Programme, it is aimed to support women and young entrepreneurs through a 5% quota allocation during tenant selection process, which is carried out in a fair, transparent and competitive manner.

The business plans of 35 new and 25 existing tenants are improved, and they are offered business development services under the Project. Entrepreneurs are informed on business development centres (incubators), entrepreneurship and SME support through the seminars organised in Elazığ, Bingöl, Tunceli and Malatya.

An important service provided by Elazığ İŞGEM is the processing and packaging facilities through which seasonal restrictions emerging from the obligation to offer the products on a daily basis without processing are eliminated and income levels are increased.

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Gümüşhane Traditional and Organic Products Business Development Centre Project

In order to increase the number of entrepreneurs in traditional products sector with an equal opportunity in enterprise, business and income a business development centre (İŞGEM) is established in Gümüşhane. 20 entrepreneurs are being placed in İŞGEM, 25% of which are aimed to be women and young entrepreneurs. Business plans of the entrepreneurs are redesigned by professional consultants and export oriented business plans are developed.

Within the İŞGEM premises there is a common use production and packaging unit for churchkela (traditional sweet) and dried fruit roll-up products in addition to a training hall. Through the packaging unit the products are stored under healthier conditions with longer shelf-life, and with this entrepreneurs are able to create their own brand and market their products to internal and external market, more easily.

Through the seminars organised in the region İŞGEM is introduced to the entrepreneurs and information is provided on business development, entrepreneurship and how SMEs are supported.

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+90 444 82 90

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Bingöl Enterprise Development Centre Project

Under the project a shared facility consisting of 22 workshops is established for the use of SMEs from different sectors such as furniture, wood and food products, and textile. The facility consists of an administrative building and cold air storages.

The new facility of the region built with an aim to contribute to the sustainability of the local enterprises also houses meeting rooms, exhibition hall, ICT facilities and a multi-purpose conference hall open for the use of enterprises.

Business plans and handbooks comprising market analysis, pricing and marketing strategy, human resources, financial plans and activity plans are prepared under the project. A road map is also developed to meet the needs of tenants best. Furthermore, the capacities of potential İŞGEM beneficiaries are enhanced by organising annual seminars on business development centres, entrepreneurship and SME support schemes.

The aim is to support new SMEs, increase competitiveness of existing businesses and establish information and consultation offices with Bingöl İŞGEM.

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+90 426 213 57 55 ,

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Sivas Enterprise Development Centre Project

The Sivas Enterprise Development Centre Project brings a new facility to the region with an aim to increase the number of SMEs from different sectors such as metal processing, machinery and food products. Centre premises consisting of 35 workshops also houses meeting rooms, an exhibition hall, a communication centre and a multi-purpose conference hall for the use by SMEs.

While strengthening the infrastructure, with the Project, start-ups are supported at their ground phases and provided a more competitive business environment, Centre's staff and potential tenants' institutional capacities are improved, and thus sustainability of the facility is ensured.

İŞGEM tenants are also supported to develop business plans and implement these. After a transparent and fair selection process, it is expected that 25% of the entrepreneurs occupying the İŞGEM facility to be female and young entrepreneurs. Furthermore, the entrepreneurs are informed on business development centres, entrepreneurship and SMEs support schemes through the seminars held during the project. 

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+90 346 222 08 00

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