1. What is the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance-IPA?

EU created a new financial assistance system in 2007 to provide efficient funding to candidate or potential candidate countries. This system is called IPA (Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance). The first phase of this financial cooperation, which is an important element of Turkey and EU relations, was implemented in 2007-2013 period under the name IPA I. The second phase covers 2014-2020 period.

For further information please visit http://rekabetcisektorler.sanayi.gov.tr/en/eu-turkey-financial-cooperation#what-is-ipa


2. Where can I find details on the new period of the Competitive Sectors Programme?

For detailed information on the new period of the Competitive Sectors Programme please visit http://rekabetcisektorler.sanayi.gov.tr/en/csp-second-phase


3. When will the call for proposals be launched?

The Ministry plans to launch call for project proposals in the first quarter of 2017. You can follow call for project proposals from our web site and social media accounts (Facebook: RekabetciSektorlerProgrami, Twitter: RekabetciSP).


4. Will the call be action/activity based? What will it cover?

These details are not certain yet, however call will be launched for more than one activity area. You can follow our web page for the Guideline for call for project proposals to be published during the call process, which includes all details about the call.


5. How are the projects selected? 

The projects are selected through two methods:

Direct Negotiation: This method refers to the selection process of the projects in line with the given criteria upon the invitation of Ministry to the relavant parties to submit project proposals in accordance with the results of the gap assessment and mapping exercise to be carried out by the Ministry within the scope of CISOP.

During the gap assessment and mapping exercise, both the budget and time constraints regarding the respective program activities where a project gap is seen and the programme indicators to be  considered.

Call for Project Proposals: All institutions, other than central public institutions, can submit their projects following a call for proposals to be announced by our Ministry. Organizations such as universities, R&D centres and chambers of industry are among these types of institutions.


6. Can SMEs apply directly and receive support for their projects?

For the moment, no. However, efforts are ongoing for our Ministry to be accredited by the EU to provide direct grants to SMEs in the upcoming periods. This accreditation is expected to be finalized in 2018, and after completion of the accreditation SMEs will be able to directly apply to the Competitive Sectors Programme for grant support.

For SMEs and innovative businesses, we have 3 large projects that will continue until the end of 2017 which are funded under the financial instruments providing credit facilities and new funding opportunities. For further information on these projects please follow http://rekabetcisektorler.sanayi.gov.tr/en


7. Is procurement of machinery and equipment for small-scaled companies supported?

Companies cannot yet apply to our Programme. When our Ministry is accredited by the EU for providing grants, SMEs will be able to apply directly for grant. Whether procurement of machinery and equipment will be supported or not will be identified in the scope of the relevant grant.


8. What are the eligible project expenditures that can be covered from the Programme?

Procurement of machinery/equipment and technical assistance activities such as long-term training, consultancy, promotion, documentation, and construction/repair expenditures can be covered from the project budgets. 


9. Are personnel costs covered under the project?

No, personnel costs are not covered in the scope of IPA legislation, either at project development phase or during and after implementation. Furthermore, cost of buying or renting the project implementation venue and the operational costs for the business to be established and managed under the project cannot be covered from the project budget in the scope of IPA. The mentioned costs should be covered by the project owner, and before project approval, the project owner should provide a commitment stating that they will cover these costs.   


10. Are project preparation costs covered?

Technical research, feasibility report, cost-benefit analysis etc. costs are covered by the organization or institution submitting the project.


11. What are the rules for making an appointment? 

Please click for appoinment policy.