R&D and Innovation Projects

We enhance competitiveness through R&D and innovation activities in all regions of Turkey.

Development of Research & Technological Infrastructure of Gaziantep Technopark Project

Physical infrastructure of Gaziantep Technopark which was established in 2007, has been strengthened through an additional 3200 m² newly constructed area that includes eight large laboratories, a modern conference centre to be used for training purposes, and physical enlargement of 33 office spaces.

A Technology Transfer Office was established in Gaziantep Technopark to form a bridge between innovative entrepreneurs/SMEs and the university. Thus, entrepreneurs of various sectors, mainly nanotechnology, mechatronics, health and agriculture are offered training. Additionally, an accredited common use laboratory to conduct experiments on nanotechnology and mechatronic prototypes was established. Enterprises in the R&D and informatics sectors along with newly graduate potential business owners who can be placed in Gaziantep Technopark are among the target group.

A survey covering 300 businesses was conducted to identify SMEs current R&D infrastructure, and 700 enterprises benefited from more than 40 training activities throughout the project.

The office provides one-to-one consultancy services to SMEs and guides them on several issues such as intellectual property rights; grant applications, business plan, business development. With these services it is aimed to encourage R&D and innovation culture for the further growth of SMEs, and to highlight and promote the entrepreneurship spirit of academicians and students.

Furthermore, it is expected that the handbook developed for Technoparks under the project will turn into a road map for thematic Technology Development Regions.

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+90 342 361 0118


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Erciyes Technopark Regional Innovation Centre Project

A new innovation centre was established within the Erciyes University through the funds received from the Competitive Sectors Programme. The project provides a unique opportunity for SMEs and R&D companies in the region, to gain momentum in their fields thanks to the technological support. The technology park, which offers employment opportunities, also serves as an encouragement for entrepreneurs to set up new businesses, while supporting SMEs to further grow.

The Innovation Centre Project was completed in 40 months. During this timeframe; The infrastructure and superstructure of the Erciyes Technopark were built. To identify the regional capacity needed, target groups were identified and stakeholder analysis and market researches were carried out. Equipment required for training laboratories and offices were supplied.

The Sera (Greenhouse) section of the new complex is a support environment for young entrepreneurs to grow, test and market their project ideas.

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+90 352 224 81 12


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Fırat Rainbow Surrounding Enterprise Taskforce (FIRASET)

Within the framework of this Project entitled shortly as FIRASET, a second building was constructed with a 10 thousand m2 closed area and ready-to-use infrastructure. More than 50 companies working in software and informatics, electronics, mechatronics, biomedicine, energy, food, nanotechnology, media and communication were brought together with the university in the technology development area and can benefit from all the infrastructural opportunities by paying a minimum amount of office rent. While knowledge is transferred from the university to the industry, the contribution is made to the technological and economic development of Elazığ region thanks to this structure. Under the project, SMEs received training and attended seminars on various subjects such as entrepreneurship, innovation, technology and R&D, and these services will continue at full speed.

Technology Transfer Office (TTO) established under the project plays an active role in the institutional development of SMEs. It provides support for both financial and institutional sustainability. TTO, which focuses on business development by entrepreneurs, provides consultancy for the companies and guides them to develop and finance their business in the national and international markets.

Turkish Patent Institute Information and Documentation Unit opened in Fırat Technocity enables the company owners, academicians and entrepreneurs to obtain the information they may need with regards to their products or information from specialists on topics such as brand, patent, utility model, industrial design, geographical indications and integrated circuit documents and the like.

Detail information:

+90 424 248 34 23


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Rize Tea Research and Application Centre Project

Rize Tea Research and Application Centre Project has kicked off to increase the competitiveness, productivity and quality of tea production sector and to carry the Turkish tea to the global markets.

A research centre is established under the project to enable producers to receive healthy quality control for their products, to get support for product diversification. Among the services that the facility will bring to the region are:

A pilot production unit with 4 tonnes of capacity, where trial productions are carried at. SMEs can also receive practical training in this unit. Tea packaging unit; a laboratory unit to carry out required tests and analysis as well as R&D activities; a training and consultancy unit housing a tea library and a quality control and improvement section; a marketing and foreign trade unit focusing on packaging, marketing, and foreign trade.

The Rize Tea Research and Application Centre Project helps to increase the competitiveness of over 150 SMEs in domestic and international markets through new technologies and research methods, particularly in terms of quality and product standards. The Centre contributes SMEs to lower their production costs while raising their productivity by utilizing new production techniques. Those producers that don't own a packaging system are especially benefiting from the facility.

The project paves the way to the branding of Rize tea, its promotion nationwide and internationally and also provides consultancy and training services to SMEs for entering the market.

Through the research work of the facility, the demand for the variety of tea products is being identified. By utilizing the high-tech production techniques it is aimed to develop new tea flavours, thus increasing product diversity. Such diversification will strengthen the position of Turkish tea in the local and international markets.

Detail information:

+90 464 217 10 82

http://rizetso.org.tr , www.rtb.org.tr  

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Samsun International Accredited Metal Metrology and Calibration Laboratory

Samsun International Accredited Metal Metrology and Calibration Laboratory established through this Project is responding to the laboratory need of enterprises wishing to grow and embrace sustainable success in the metal sector.

Chemical and mechanical analyses, tests and necessary measurements of materials can be conducted at this international laboratory, and calibrations on specific aspects can be done, so the structure of materials can be comprehensively examined at this centre. This accredited laboratory will identify the quality and standard of the metal products in the domestic market and facilitate export. In addition to responding different analysis, measurements and tests required by SMEs that manufacture or export in the metal and machinery sector, it will also provide R&D support and training services.

Especially in calibration, which means testing whether a device conducts the right measurement or not, this laboratory will be the 3rd largest laboratory after Gebze and Ankara. In the laboratory mechanical tests (analysis and tests), metrology and calibration will be provided as a service with the help of over 180 equipment. Thanks to mobile devices, measurements of immobile devices will be done onsite, and dust, humidity, vibration or temperature, pressure, velocity and potency calibrations will also be conducted.

They will be able to compete with proven quality and standards, and their efficiency will increase since they will be employing new and advanced technologies in manufacturing. Consequently, this will contribute to the economic strength of the region. As the certificates issued by this laboratory will be valid at the international level, it is also expected to serve businesses abroad.

Detail information:

+90 362 432 36 26/171


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Gaziantep Regional Industrial Design and Hybrid Modelling Centre (GETHAM)

Regional Industrial Design and Hybrid Modelling Centre established as part of this Project is offering a solution for innovation, industrial design and modelling problems of the region. The centre will provide support primarily to SMEs from Gaziantep and then the neighbouring cities in various industries including leather, jewellery and accessories and electronic circuits production. In the coming periods, the Centre is planned to provide services to other regions as well.

Around 500 SMEs are expected to benefit and receive support from the Centre where industrial designs are reviewed, consultancy needs are identified and intermediaries are set to provide consultancy to SMEs. Furthermore SMEs are able to design, model, manufacture and test their products with the state of the art technology at this Centre.

Local motifs are researched and archived at the centre to ensure that cultural motives are reflected in new products through modern designs. Furthermore, entrepreneurs dealing with industrial design are given the opportunity to work with design incubators.

Thanks to the GETHAM Project of Competitive Sectors Programme new and renewed product designs are created and SMEs in this field are supported to present new product designs on the market.

Detail information:

+90 342 230 10 61,


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Regional Industrial Collaboration in Cotton Fibre Manufacturing Project

With the Regional Industrial Collaboration in Cotton Fibre Manufacturing Project which was developed to secure competitiveness in textile sector and eliminate production challenges in Şanlıurfa and Diyarbakır provinces, a new system is built to improve quality standards of production.

All manufacturers of the region are expected to reach the standards specified in the Communiqué on the transition to the single bale system published by the Ministry of Economy in 2009.

Provided that the cotton ginning and pressing enterprises improve their storages with their own means, they will be able to utilise this system to be established under the Project and benefit from the GAP International Agricultural Research and Training Centre accredited fibre quality analysis centre. Sampling kits will be put in cotton ginning pressing enterprises to take samples from each bail manufactured, and bails will be separately barcoded. Thus, the transition to the single bail system will have been ensured thanks to the project.

After the samples taken are analysed in the laboratories and their quality features are identified, product information will be published on the web portal. Thread and weaving enterprises will be able to order via this portal from the suppliers that have the cotton fibre of the desired quality. This way, quality and price conflicts among the parties will be eliminated. During the project, a minimum of 50 enterprises is expected to register on the web portal and use this system.

The project is expected to provide services to approximately 300 cotton ginners outside Diyarbakır, Şanlıurfa, and contribute to regional development in the long term including Batman and Mardin.

Detail information:

+90 412 326 13 23



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Development Of Research And Innovation Facilities For Improving The Regional Competitiveness Of Food Industry Project –  (Innofood)

INNOFOOD is a major infrastructure investment project, to establish research, laboratory and innovation facilities in support of SMEs serving in the food and beverage sector in Gebze and in 12 Nuts II regions (east of Ankara), defined as the primary regions for development in Turkey. With the project, SMEs serving in the food and beverage sector will improve product quality and safety, improve R&D based product / production technology, and increase international and national competitiveness.
To this end, with the project a communication network and a cluster platform for all actors involved in the food and beverage sector will be formed; Food Innovation Center consisting of advanced food safety laboratory and pilot facility, regional laboratories and systems will be established.
Within the scope of regional laboratories and systems, it is planned to establish a pilot scale innovative nuts drying facility and a food testing / analysis laboratory in Giresun where renewable energy resources are used. In Gaziantep, it is planned to improve pistachio processing conditions by installing pilot scale processing line for Pistachio, which is fully equipped in scientific and technological terms. Also in Şanlıurfa it is envisaged to establish a food laboratory where microbiological and chemical analyzes are carried out.